Kemetian Church Of Krsts
Kemetian Church Of Krsts
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    One of the nice things about enlightenment is that it can be done anywhere. A few minutes of free time, you can get in a complete mind/body workout.

    Saint Ajabel
    Saint Ajabel

The Path of
Holistic Wellness

Your organic physical body is a temple.  Restore it. Bring it back to its purest state. 

With Focus Comes All 
The Benefits

Stay focused!  Start to choose upright living.  Live a life in service to the helpless.  Elevate your spirit, and develop your portion of the soul.

Live Life Better.  The Power of Mindfulness

Govern your portion of the supreme mind by mastering mind over matter instead of matter mastering your portion of the mind.

Daily Spiritual Elevation

Mindfulness Practice

A spiritual teacher of Divine Love, Divine Truth, and Divine Peace. 

Open Your Mind
Divine Love Saves

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Be A Djedi.

It’s easy to get started!

Saint Ajabel- Without Darkness There Is No Light!